My Favorite Blogger About Asian Food and Culture--Robyn Eckhardt

2018 update on Robyn Eckhardt and Dave Hagerman: They moved to Italy and have an impressive new cookbook out Istanbul and Beyond Exploring the Diverse Cuisines of Turkey.

Robyn Eckhardt lives in Georgetown, Penang  and writes about other cuisines as well, but I don't think anybody writes about Malaysia better than she does. She lives and writes close to the ground and it's refreshing that it's not all about high end culinary experiences. I subscribe to her blog Eating Asia and I am never disappointed. It's a great read.

Her articles appear many places and are frequently accompanied by the impressive photography of her partner, collaborator, David Hagerman. They lived in Kuala Lumpur before buying an old shop to turn into a home, which only took three years to renovate. (smile) The point is they are living the Asian life, not traveling just to write a story.