Fruit Rojak Salad

"Instead of a hot vegetable side dish, she choose a popular street vendor dish with fresh fruit and vegetables in a tangy fish sauce dressing, rojak salad, that would be passed at the table to be eaten along with the rendang. She wanted the contrast in temperature and texture with the otak-otak and rendang. This was going to be such a great meal! She was so excited."


Rojak is another very flexible Malaysian recipe that can use a variety of fruits and vegetables. The guidelines again are contrasting textures, colors and flavors to create an exciting bite in every mouthful that delivers sweet, salty, tart, mild, crunchy, and soft. Choose green papaya, green mango, guava or granny smith apple for tartness; pineapple for sweetness; jicama and chopped nuts for crunch; cucumber for mild and soft. The dressing recipe is black, salty, sweet, and spicy.


My love for this flavor combination developed the recipe into a party food bite on a toothpick that I now serve at book events and call it rojak on a stick. Jump into Malaysian cuisine with this experience.

Rojak on a stick for a tasting event

Rojak on a stick for a tasting event