The Cooking Class in Kuala Lumpur

Parties, like cooking, friendship, and marriage, have ups and downs. It’s never quite as easy as the host thinks it will be, and there are always surprises.

Just back from vacation in Malaysia and an inspirational cooking class, Amy is determined to continue the exhilaration of the trip with a party for fun loving friends -- and not succumb to the gloomy feeling that her body, the economy, and world affairs are all headed south. What's more fun than cooking for friends? Here's what Amy Cooks.

On a beautiful summer day in Seattle. Amy is shopping, dog walking, cooking and setting the table excited about the process and the evening to come. Out doing errands, she runs into some of her guests and a friend she hasn’t seen in a long time, which changes her day.

Her husband Kevin has his doubts about the party but tries to be helpful, while solving problems for a client and squeezing a few moments for himself out of the busy day.

All six characters have private thoughts about the party, each other, and world events. They are all concerned with career,  love and money issues. They all love to cook and eat. 

Seattle skyline from Kerry Park on Queen Anne

Seattle skyline from Kerry Park on Queen Anne

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