Karen Tripson

Karen Tripson

Hi, I'm Karen Tripson.


I wrote The Cooking Class in Kuala Lumpur for people who are interested in cooking, friendship and a good story.

If you'd rather cook than anything else, or read about cooking, this book will make you laugh and send out invitations. It focuses on the art and craft of giving a party where planning the guest list and the menu, setting the table and standing in front of the stove are all part of the exquisite pleasure.

Get to know the fun-loving hosts, their  friends, the shopping and the music venues in Seattle from Chinatown to Queen Anne. It's only one day in the life of six people who are all trying to deal with work, lack of work, relationships and the economy, but it's a summer day, so it's mostly sunny.

Buy the softcover in Seattle at Queen Anne Book Company and Magnolia's Bookstore or order it at any bookstore or online seller by the title or ISBN  9780615755540. Buy the Kindle version of the book at Amazon now. Get a free app to read it on your PC, Mac, tablet, laptop or smart phone here.