Cookbooks with Malaysian Recipes

The Cooking Class in Kuala Lumpur dives into Malaysian cuisine. Eating along with Amy and Kevin on their vacation is exciting virtual travel. You will experience the famous dishes of the hotels, the night markets and the street vendors. If you want to learn more about cooking Malaysian food here are a few titles I enjoyed reading that will provide you with the recipes, information about ingredients and more about the wonderful people who live there and make the cuisine what it is.



Cradle of Flavor - WW Norton & Co 2006 by James Oseland ISBN 9780393054774

Flavors of Malaysia - Hippocrene Cookbook Library by Susheela Raghavan ISBN 97807818124


Heavenly Fragrance - Periplus Editions 2007 by Carol Selva Rajah ISBN 9780794603533

Malaysian Kitchen - Southwater (division of Anness Pub) 2010 by Ghillie Basan and Terry Tan ISBN 9781844768288


South East Asian Flavors - Mortar & Press 2008 by Robert Danhi ISBN 9780981633909

The Food of Asia  - Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd 1998 by Kong Foong Ling and Heinz Von Holzen ISBN 9625934529

Wine with Asian Food - Tide-Mark Press, Ltd. 2007 by Patricia Guy and Edwin Soon ISBN 9781594901147